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Welcome to The Chargies!


Our story began in 2015 when Natalie, a chronic illness warrior created the Spoonies For Life community. As the community grew, we realized that we needed to forge our own path, and not use The Spoon Theory. From there, The Unchargeables wascreated, and thevery fitting Battery Analogy came to life. We now use it to describeour chronic illness experience, and thus we became known as "Chargies".


A Chargie is a person whose energy supply is symbolized by a faulty battery, one that drains quickly and may never fully recharge.


Originally, Natalie established our community as “The Unchargeables” based on her creation of the Battery Analogy, which is widely used now.


Over the years, The Unchargeables grew and thrived as courageous individuals, each battling their own chronic illness and disabilities, decided to forge a path together. As we connected, we discovered that while our journeys were unique, the challenges we faced were remarkably similar.


We understood the frustration of canceled plans, the fatigue that never seemed to relent, and the pain that could be relentless. But we also knew something else – we had an indomitable spirit within us, a warrior's heart.


Our mission emerged from this realization: to uplift, motivate, and empower one another. We began sharing our troubles, triumphs, swapping stories, and offering unwavering support during the tough times.


But we didn't stop there. We recognized that chronic illness takes both a physical and emotional toll.


Part of our mission became, and to this day, is to use specially designed apparel to provide a sense of physical and emotional care and comfort. Our clothing isn't just fabric put together; it's a warm hug, a gentle reminder that you're not alone, and a source of physical ease and soothing.


In 2023, Natalie passed on The Unchargeables to a community member she trusted to continue the expansion of the community and brand. Since then, we shifted our name from The Unchargeables to simply The Chargies in recognition that while our lives revolve around monitoring our energy or “charge” we do not have to be defined by our limitations. We are Chargies, but that does not mean we are “unchargeable” or incapable people.


In recent months, our community has been reignited and expanded. We have grown into a movement of hope, resilience, and unwavering positivity through our shared experiences and vulnerabilities.


We're more than just a group of individuals; we're a family. And together, we're redefining what it means to thrive with chronic illness.


Thank you for visiting and being part of our incredible journey of discovery, growth, and unwavering support.


Cheers + Charge,


Tracie and The Chargie Team