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How to Curate Your Space to Spark Joy When Sick

When we have a chronic illness, unfortunately, we end up spending a lot of time in our homes; seeing the same 4 walls, day in and day out. Sometimes, as a result of my anxiety, I find it very tricky to stay at home as I seem to cope with my fibromyalgia better when I am out. When I stay home, I end up thinking about all the jobs I could be doing, working myself relentlessly hard and crashing. Also, the isolation of staying home can sometimes be tough. 

However, on the days we need to stay home and pace, it is important we have a physical space that is curated to suit your needs, help lift your spirit and bring a little joy into difficult days.

Take my living room, for example. My living room walls are covered in photo tiles of my little boy, my husband and I, our family and other key moments of my life for me to remember and look at in the dark and difficult times.

I also have my son’s artwork up on the walls in the living room, too! I have rearranged this space multiple times and now have the perfect setup! My living room is a calming space for myself and my family and is our central meeting point.

Her son's art

When I get the chance to go and have some time to myself, the space I end up using is my bedroom. I can close the door, sit comfortably in bed with my body pillow and hot water bottle and relax, rest and write.

We can often beat ourselves up about our home and space though, especially as we often see posts detailing how a tidy space is a tidy mind…however when you have a chronic illness tidy is sometimes impossible to achieve. I am very lucky in the sense my husband does the majority of housework but of course he works full time, too. So, I wouldn’t say my spaces are particularly tidy, but to me it’s home. I’m happy, healthy and at home in my physical space! 

Chronic illness warrior top tip:

Don’t compare your home and space to other people; especially those that don’t have a chronic illness. Your home is yours and should spark joy and be a safe and happy place - not an instagrammable space!

If there is one takeaway I’d like you all to remember today is that a house is made of bricks but a home is made of love! Make sure your space sparks some joy and makes you feel happy and home. I need you to know you are doing the best you can and you all are chronic illness warriors.

Until next time,


Becca "Mummy The Fibro Warrior"





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September 05, 2023

Thank you for this reminder. I’ve been chronically ill for almost 30 years, but I remain unbalanced, and work myself into flares to keep up the housework. Flares mean I can’t do much and then it all gets behind again. One of these days I’ll find balance, right?🤣

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