My Brain is Experiencing Difficulties, please stand by...

My Brain is Experiencing Difficulties, please stand by...

Most Chargies suffer from major brain fog. A quick look at The Unchargeables Instagram feed and you can see that the brain fog memes are amongst the most popular. This is because brain fog is so common in our Chargie community.

Here at The Unchargeables, we saw these memes and thought, “Why not make a shirt about brain fog?” And because so many Chargies experience brain fog, this funny shirt design is very popular!

With this shirt gaining popularity, the requests started coming in.

Our fellow Chargies told us, “Yeah, you’re right! My brain is malfunctioning, but my heart is, too! Can't you make one saying ‘My heart is experiencing difficulties?’”

Because we aim to please, that shirt was made!

When that shirt came out, the Chargies with lung disorders responded: “What about us? Can we have an ‘Experiencing Difficulties’ shirt, too?”

Lo and behold, that one was made, too.

Now there is a whole line of funny shirts for malfunctioning body parts. It's better to laugh than to cry!

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