Chargie Dating Challenges

Chargie Dating Challenges

Dating is scary and exhausting if you are healthy, throw chronic illness in the mix and it is a level 10 accomplishment. 

Our community members wanted to let the world know about their dating challenges. These are the things we need in a Chargie partner.


Maybe we attract the wrong kind of partner? We may seem weak, but we are fighters!

Picking what to do on a date is a quest in it's own. But when you are restricted in what you can do it gets even harder.

You may be able to go on the date, but being on the date leaves you exhausted. When you get home you crash for three days and will forget about the follow up text. That will be sent when you come back to planet earth.

This is why you have to be patient with me. I may need to hybernate for a couple days or a week. Just wait for me, I will be back.

One day will be better an danother can be worse.

When you keep these things in mind, you can defenitely date a Chargie.

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