6 Memes about Anxiety with Sarcasm

6 Memes about Anxiety with Sarcasm

Living with anxiety is exhausting. Always thinking the worst case scenario is going to happen. Overthinking every single detail, not being able to sleep cause your mind won't be quiet. These six memes are specifically about living with generalized anxiety disorder.


Living with anxiety

People who live with anxiety worry a lot, often cry, and "freak out" about the smallest things. There is more to it than that though.

Anxiety meme explaining different aspects of anxiety

This meme features out anxiety monster Anxieton aka Annie. She is one of the Chargimals, our physical and mental health monster. Annie has a therapy cat named Luna, stroking her fur can help her through anxiety attacks. The feeling of soft fur has a calming effect.

The overthinking and worst case scenario part of anxiety is explained very well in this next meme. I totally get the visual when I read it.

Funny sarcastic anxiety meme

Three Funny Anxiety Memes

Is your anxious mind sarcastic? Mine is!

This is me in any situation, minding my own business, living my life. Thinking all is well and nothing can go wrong. But then, my anxious mind starts talking....

Sarcastic anxiety meme with purple background and text "Me: what could go wrong? Anxiety: I'm glad you asked."

Ever heard the saying "You are what you eat" my sarcastic anxious mind immediatley thinks "When did I eat back problems and anxiety?"

Sarcastic anxiety meme on a purple background with the text "You are what you eat. When did I eat back problems and anxiety?"

When someone asks me what triggers my anxiety: "Well, most people, places, and things."

Anxiety meme on purple ombre background with text: "What triggers your anxiety? Well, mostly people, places, and things."

Serious question

Enough of the sarcasm, I've got a serious question for you.

anxiety meme with serious question. "How do I uninstall anxiety?"

How do I uninstall anxiety? Can I reboot my brain and try again?

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